The latest edition of SANS 10142-1 (The wiring of premises – Part 1: Low-voltage installations (Edition 3: 2020) has recently been published.

This vital standard is used in South Africa for all types of low voltage electrical installations. The Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993) (OHS Act), which is administered by the Chief Inspector of Occupational Health and Safety of the Department of Labour, requires that electrical installations comply with the requirements of SANS 10142-1. It also requires that an accredited person, as defined (master installation electrician, installation electrician or electrical tester for single phase), will issue a Certificate of Compliance for an electrical installation in line with the requirements set out in SANS 10142 1.

John Dlamini, Chair of the technical committee for this important standard, comments on the latest edition as follows.

Why was the standard revised? “.
The standard was revised to introduce some requirements that were lacking. This includes a table on minimum size and maximum length of copper earth continuity conductors rated at phase conductor diameter, for general purpose circuit-breaker with instantaneous tripping current which had very low values compared to international norms, alignment of medical location requirements with international norms, clarification of tests reports for hazardous location, medical location, electrical installation which has been divided into two test reports and to modify lightning protection requirements and to introduce the test report for lightning protection. The standard was revised due to the outdated requirements and to align some of the requirements with the international norms. As the country we need to verify other technologies utilised by other countries and align local conditions with such technologies.

What are the most important changes that have been made? “

  • - Reference to compulsory specifications (VCs) in table 4.1 has been removed. VCs should refer to standards not vice-versa
  • - Combine gas and electrical installation reequipments have been referred to SANS 10087-1
  • - Introduction of arc fault detection devices in electrical installation
  • - Modification of earth continuity conductor requirements has been aligned with international norms and introducing a new table for earth continuity conductors and a new table for minimum size and maximum length of copper earth continuity conductors rated at 50% of phase conductor diameter, for general purpose circuit-breakers with instantaneous tripping current
  • - Introducing lightning protection requirements as well as informative annex which referrers to SANS 10313 and SANS 62305 series
  • - Reference to SANS 60439 has been replaced with SANS 61439 series. SANS 60439 series has been withdrawn by IEC 10 years ago. The rationale behind this is to be in line with the entire IEC National Committees which align with SANS 61439 series
  • - Medical location electrical installation requirements have been aligned with SANS 10142-1-1 and international norms
  • - Introduce an annex to provide information how to perform neutral earth resistance test
  • - Modify resistance of earth continuity conductor requirements
  • - Modify electrical installation test report and to introduce electrical installation test report for secondary distribution
  • - Modify electrical installation test report in hazardous location

Who will need to know of these changes? “Installation-electricians, single phase testers, master-electricians, electrical contractors, electrical inspection authorities, educational bodies responsible for electrical wiring curricula and examinations, consulting engineers, engineers, technologists and technicians, local supply authorities, and people working in the electrical industry at large including commerce and government departments, municipalities, medical location facilities, and installation component manufacturers.

Other points of interest? “
The SANS 164-2 configuration is now compulsory for electrical installation on newer buildings. The edition 2 of the standard state “effective from January 2018”. However now is compulsory for all the new buildings to have a socket-outlet incorporating SANS 164-2 configuration. This has been modified in the current edition 3.

Some of the requirements for alternative supply has till been kept in this edition 3

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