Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for the SABS Webstore

Question:  If I am an existing SABS Webstore customer, do I have to register again?

Answer:  Yes, we are using a completely new eCommerce system.

Question:  If I am a SABS credit account customer,  can I purchase standards online?

Answer:   No. Not at this stage.  We hope to implement this form of payment soon.

Question:  When I place an order for a standard, do I get the latest edition?

Answer:  We only sell the latest editions on the Webstore.  Each edition of a standard becomes a new product.   If you place and order and immediately pay for it by credit card or instant EFT,  you will be able to download the edition of the standard that you placed in your cart and ordered.   If you placed an order for a hard copy version of the standard,  we will check at the time of dispatching if you ordered the latest edition available.  If a newer version has been released subsequently and it has the same price, you will have to place a new order where after  the latest edition will be shipped to you.  If you place an order today and chose bank transfer or purchase order as the payment method and a newer edition is released, you will receive notification and then you have to place an order for the latest edition.

Question:  How do I download a standard?

Answer:   If you click on the filename under MyDownloads, the PDF will either open in the Adobe Reader plugin or in Adobe Reader (or other Reader).  You can then save the file to a folder on your local disk.  


Question:  Can I use any PDF browser to view/print the PDF version of the standard?

Answer :  Yes, although we can only give support with regards to  Adobe Reader  (available as a free download from the Adobe Website ) or Adobe Acrobat. 


Question:  My PDF Reader does not open the PDF file.  What shall I do?

Answer:  Check to see if other PDF files on your computer can open up.


Question:  Do I have to unlock a PDF document after downloading it?

Answer:   No, that applied to the DRM system that we used previously.


Question:  Can I copy it to another computer?

Answer:   Yes,  but you have to keep in mind the SABS Copyright Rules.   Click here to read our SABS Copyright Rules.


Question:  My file does not download properly.  What can I do to rectify the situation?

Answer:  Try to deactivate your download manager, if you are using one.


Question:  How many times can I download a file  (if a download is unsuccessful)?

Answer:  There is no limit although your standard might become outdated.


Question:  Can I use other computers with other operating systems?

Answer:  Yes,  our Webstore will run on the Mac Operating System,  Windows and Android/Chrome-based computers.


Question:  What happens if the file that I download is corrupt?

Answer:  If you contact us ( ) we will see to it that you get a workable file.


Question:  How do I use the bank transfer payment method?

Answer:  You should follow the instructions on the screen in order to find the bank details of the SABS Standards Division.  Payments should only be make into this account and not into the SABS Commercial account.  Customers are advised to use the order number as reference number (not the name or company name)

Question:  If I pay by bank transfer, how long does it take before my order is approved and download a standard?

Answer:  We check the financial statement to see if the money reflects on our bank statement which normally takes 24 hours but it can take up to 48 hours.  If you urgently want to buy a standard, this is not the best option  (rather buy by credit card or instant EFT).


Question:  What happens if a credit card or instant EFT transaction does not work perfectly? 

Answer:  These payment are handled on our behalf by a company called VCS/PayGate which is a very reputable company in South Africa who performs this service for many other eCommerce portals.  We can check if a transaction did go through and if there is any issues that is captured on a VCS terminal that we have access to.  Else we can contact them and find out more details about the transaction.